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Investing in US ? Want to know how ?

A Talk by Cal Ewing and Jarek Bucholc

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About this Talk

Thinking to invest in USA properties? We will educate you and help to make your investments wisely.

Are you happy with how your investments are performing? Are you open to learning something new that you might not have thought of? Especially if it could compliment, add diversification or even replace what your current wealth building and retirement savings plan?

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About The Speakers

Cal Ewing

Cal Ewing

Founder, 49th Parallel Properties, Ltd.

Cal has been investing in U.S. real estate since 2009. He has been working as a real estate investor full-time since 2016. Completed over 30 U.S. real estate deals including tax deed investing, fix and flips, rental properties, wholesaling, whole-tailing, owner financing & private lending.

Jarek Bucholc

Jarek Bucholc

Founder, Street Smart REI

Creative Real Estate Investing, Marketing, Pre Foreclosures and many more