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Founder, 49th Parallel Properties, Ltd. Cal has been investing in U.S. real estate since 2009. He has been working as a real estate investor full-time since 2016. Completed over 30 U.S. real estate deals including tax deed investing, fix and flips, rental properties, wholesaling, whole-tailing, owner financing & private lending.

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Cal Ewing grew up on a cattle ranch south of Calgary, Alberta. Being the son of a business owner, Cal always had a longing to work for himself and follow in the footsteps of his entrepreneur Father. After seriously pursuing his dream of being a professional electric guitar player in a Canadian rock band and having success doing it, Cal gradually shifted his focus towards a future outside of music. After reading Robert Kiyosaki's book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", Cal found a real passion for real estate investing.

Cal has been investing in U.S. real estate since 2009 when he bought his first investment property in Las Vegas while completing a Geology at the University of Calgary, where he would explain to his classmates that he was working on a way out of a career in Oil and Gas before it had even started. Cal has now retired from the oil and gas industry to focus full-time on his Houston-based real estate investment business Karma Property Solutions. In the two years that he has been working in real estate full-time, Cal has completed 25 real estate deals, all in the Houston market.

Cal's current focus is on his "be the bank" strategy where he acquires houses and immediately sells them with owner financing to a buyer who can't qualify for a traditional mortgage. This strategy is recession-resistant and provides excellent cashflow with the added benefit of bypassing the headaches that so often come with being a landlord. As far as Cal is concerned, being a lender on real estate beats being a landlord every time. Cal finds joy in helping others grow their personal wealth through real estate and real estate backed notes. With his online training course "Private Lending Made Easy " on, Cal teaches the fundamentals of private lending and shows people how to create passive income streams by becoming the bank and lending against real estate.

Cal is determined to reach financial freedom and creating multi-generational wealth via passive income streams generated by real estate and he intends to pass on his knowledge to his daughters Maia (11) and Sorcha (3) so that they will grow up with a high degree of financial intelligence and the resources needed to create the lifestyle they desire.

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