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Shelley is the managing partner Di-Rae Group of companies. Specialize in real estate investing and work with individuals to coach and mentor them on starting their investment businesses.

Shelley has been a full-time real estate investor for the past 11 years in both Canada and the United States. She started her real estate investing career with her business partner Carol McConnachie in 2001. Their initial investments started in Regina, Saskatchewan and soon expanded to other provinces. Their motto was ‘Go Big or Go Home’. As a result, they purchased 96 units in their first year and have never looked back from there. Shelley has since been involved in real estate transactions in a number of provinces, as well as the United States. After living in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona, she became familiar with procedures on real estate acquisition in those states and completed a variety of different real estate transactions. Shelley has invested in Buy-Rent-Hold, Buy-Fix-Sell, Lease Options, Wholesale, Discount Notes, Foreclosures, Land Development and Commercial properties and is well versed in many facets of real estate finance and contract law. Carol and Shelley have also provided real estate investing training and mentoring, in both Canada and the United States since 2003. The training programs were developed to assist Canadians to build their own investing businesses. Shelley has over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, with extensive experience in management, technology, process improvement, business planning, and customer services. She has extensive leadership skills in decision making, risk management, administrative and human resource management qualities that will enable the corporation to successfully manage her real estate business. Her previous experience was in a middle management position at SaskTel. She was responsible for "Customer Relationship Management" serving 400,000 residential customers, representing 55% of SaskTel's overall revenue. She demonstrated strong leadership skills through successful management of a 180 person dynamic team, including, 14 managers, in five locations, while managing a $4 million annual operating budget.

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